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Hypatia generates custom digital assignments to accelerate learning  

Grade 7-12 curriculum

Hypatia Teach supports every problem with thousands problems ready to use 

Conceptual understanding

Hypatia Teach supports critical thinking and let every student to show "how" and "why" in their solutions

Formative assessments

By analyzing the whole work Hypatia Teach discovers particular strengths  of every student and maps these to core competencies

We challenge students not teachers

Students master math by solving lots of problems step-by-step and getting real time feedback that is specific to their unique mistakes.  Hypatia not only digitizes math, but also guides students through their journey to math mastery.

  • Covers topics from Grade 7-12 and introductory university courses
  • Flags errors and provides real-time feedback and hints
  • Includes hundreds of problems on every topic from simple addition to advanced calculus
  • Supports textbooks and custom curriculum
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Millions of teachers and students are creating math using Hypatia

The speed with which math can be created and solved using Hypatia Create affords its use in real-time as a teaching tool and can replace the white board.  With advanced features like annotation, all of the functionality that math teachers leverage are available digitally using Hypatia.

Seamlessly embed Hypatia Create into your content and enable most natural math input to all audiences. 

In less than a year over 10 million users have used Hypatia Create in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office Suite.

Hypatia Create  
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Hypatia Products

Hypatia Create

For students and teachers

Type math easily for professional presentations and assignments.
Available through Google and Microsoft

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Hypatia Teach

For teachers and schools

Create auto-graded assignments aligned with your textbook. Manage assignments efficiently

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Hypatia Assess

For teachers and schools

Track student's performance, auto-grade tests and exams, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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