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automated assignments

Your students need your attention

Creating assignments, managing homework, and assessing progress consumes time that could be invested in your students.

Hypatia Teach offers access to a library of thousands of problems that support high school and university curricula.  At Hypatia, we recognize students master math by working through challenging problems with guidance.

Hypatia Teach can capture the math created by learners as they solve multi-step problems. It understands the typed context and can provide feedback to the learner in real-time.

Hypatia Teach can provide automatic marking for teachers with assigning partial marks for every essential step in a solution.

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Show-your-work assignments

Show-your-work auto-graded math problems identify learning opportunities while reducing administrative workload.

LMS independent

Hypatia Teach is a standalone application that can integrate with any LMS.

Personalized learning

Hypatia supports diverse approaches to solving math, empowering students to explore math according to their unique way of thinking.

Unlimited analytics

Hypatia captures the entire process that a student uses to solve a problem step by step while maintaining the highest standard of privacy.

Conceptual understanding

Hypatia develops critical reasoning skills and enables students to show their process and approach.

Formative assessments

Hypatia is able to reveal strengths, degrees of understanding and opportunities for improvement.

Launch your course

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Hypatia Teach is a standalone product that does not require integration and can be used with any LMS.
As you build learning materials in Hypatia Teach they are always available to you.
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Hypatia Teach supports every textbook.
Choose from our catalogue or let us know what textbook you are using.
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Each student sets up an account connected to your class enabling you to track their progress and personalize their experience.
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As students work in Hypatia Teach they receive real-time feedback to accelerate their learning.
Our auto-assessment tools provide visibility to the progress of your students.