Hypatia Create

digitize your math

Create digital math

Hypatia Create helps teachers to create digital lecture material, handouts and assignments.  Hypatia Create integrates easily into your favourite text editor and augments what you are already doing.

Save your files locally with enhanced math integrated into them or share them with students.  Hypatia Create works everywhere.  Once you have created your materials, Hypatia Create makes it easy to change if you want to make variations from year to year, assignment to assignment, or test to test.

Since Hypatia Create is as easy to use as a text editor, students can also use Hypatia to present their own work and assignments clearly and professionally.  

At Hypatia, we support teachers by giving them digital tools, leaving them more time to focus on teaching.

We support Google Workspace and Microsoft Office.

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Example of Hypatia Create