Power Math Learning

Hypatia is driven by the mission to make math accessible to everyone.

Math is a building block of literacy in the modern world, yet many resources available to teachers are not much more advanced than the slate tablet.  When technology is employed, it often follows no more than well crafted videos or yes/no answers to simple math problems.

Ladislav Stacho, a professor of mathematics at Simon Fraser University, wanted to leverage current technology to create a math editor that not only could create math, but in fact understand it.

"We named the company Hypatia (355CE-415CE) after the first mathematician whose life and work was well documented", reflects Arvind Gupta, Professor and Vice President Industry Relations for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.  "She was dedicated to education and sat at the forefront of her field of study."

As math and science educators, we strive to leverage technology to support an inclusive learning environment.  We understand that optimal results are achieved when teachers can spend their time with students, not administration; by being innovative, rather than focusing on repetitive routines; and by tailoring lessons to help students master material at their own rate, rather than racing ahead in the curriculum.

We designed Hypatia to support the mission of teachers: to ensure their students learn math as a life-long skill, building block to unlock higher learning, and as a key to unlock the doors of diverse careers.

We designed Hypatia for you!

Our team

Arvind Gupta


Professor of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Jan Manuch

Jan Manuch


Instructor and Researcher
PhD in Mathematics

Ladislav Stacho

Ladislav Stacho


Professor of Mathematics
Simon Fraser University