Hypatia for Google is the smart math equation editor that works the way you do. Unparalleled user experience. Support for latex notation is included. It is the fastest math editor in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Forms, hands down.

Hypatia is free for teachers to prepare their teaching materials. Students can use hypatia free for their work.
If an institution/schoolboard would like to use hypatia, please contact us for licensing options.


Hypatia lets you type math equations in a fast and familiar  way. 

Compose equations using our WYSIWYG editing tools: 

  • our math symbol menus,
  • our built-in Toolbox, or
  • our smart  LaTeX auto-converter.

Hypatia is faster and much easier to use than all the other math editors that are available for Google Docs.

  • Beautiful user interface
  • Math equations editable in a familiar way
  • Automatic syncing between the document and the add-on
  • Document font size preserved in equations
  • Equations can be quickly edited from sidebar
  • Centered equations can be edited in a modeless pop-up window which does not need to be closed to edit another equation. This results in the fastest math equation plug-in in Google’s G-Suite marketplace.
  • Automatic sidebar updates
  • Automatic importing math equations created in MathType. We plan to support import from other add-ons as well

Future versions will include automatic conversion of math latex code typed in document, i.e., $x^2+y^2=z^2$ for even faster editing.

Additional features for institutional licenses:

  • Colors in math
  • Sketching
  • (more features coming soon)