Hypatia lets you type math equations in a fast and familiar  way. 

Compose equations using our WYSIWYG editing tools: 

  • our math symbol menus,
  • our built-in Toolbox, or
  • our smart  LaTeX auto-converter.

Hypatia is faster and much easier to use than all the other math editors that are available for Microsoft Office.

  • Beautiful user interface
  • Math equations editable in a familiar way
  • Automatic syncing between the document and the Add-in
  • Document font size preserved in equations
  • Equations can be quickly edited from sidebar
  • Centered equations can be edited in a modeless pop-up window which does not need to be closed to edit another equation. This results in the fastest math equation plug-in in Microsoft’s Add-in marketplace.
  • Automatic sidebar updates
  • Automatic importing math equations created in MathType. We plan to support import from other add-ons as well

Future versions will include automatic conversion of math latex code typed in document, i.e., $x^2+y^2=z^2$ for even faster editing.A