Track each student progress

Hypatia Track maintains a record of student progress and identifies topics yet to be mastered by each individual. Group assignments and specific worksheets can be assigned to students based on their needs. We recognize that every student is different and have designed Hypatia Track to help teachers challenge each student so they can progress at their own pace without being left behind or feeling disengaged.

Schools that use the Hypatia Enterprise Solution are able to enhance the educational experience of students while eliminating work for teachers. Covering the entire middle-school and high-school mathematics curriculum including advanced algebra and calculus, Hypatia is a tool for all students at all levels.

Hypatia Track is a standalone service that helps teachers manage their classroom assignments and homework while giving students access to a large repository of problems. In addition to tracking grades, our standard reports and API allow schools to capture required performance information.

Hypatia track example
Privacy is our priority

Security and privacy are at the core of our design. Hypatia tokenizes student IDs and encrypts student information. Our digital solution also unlocks accessibility requirements for schools with learners who need additional support.

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