Stay on top of your math skills this summer

We are happy to announce MathBlast Summer Bootcamp.

Work with our tutor Maya this summer to enhance your math!

  • Build solid foundation

  • Last year did not go well? Catch up!

  • Push it to the next level

Opens on June 14, and continues whole summer

Math mastery tailored for you

Whether you are struggling with math or want to be challenged, Hypatia offers access to a library of problems that support the school curriculum from grade 7-12.  At Hypatia, we recognize that math is a foundational skill that will unlock many opportunities for students.

The true power of Hypatia is to provide students not only with feedback on their final answer, but with an understanding of "why" so they can learn basic and advanced math concepts.

Hypatia learn example
Real time feedback

Hypatia also offers real-time feedback allowing you to learn from your mistakes.  Our tools not only identify if an answer is correct or incorrect, but provides feedback in terms of where an error was made to support students who need to focus on particular skills.

Math is beautiful

With remote learning a reality in almost every educational setting, Hypatia is a great way for students to be understood.  Our math editor allows students to express themselves cleanly and precisely without confusion due to the quality of their writing or photography skills.

Unbounded opportunity

Sketch your ideas along your typed work. Newer loose your notes and have them added directly into your solutions. Sketch diagrams, graphs, or ideas and upload your work anywhere.

Never photograph your math again

Our math editor can be used to create your own math sentences quickly for projects and assignments

Work across all major platforms. Share your work with tutors, peers, teachers and parents by sharing your worksheet through email or whatever tools you choose.

Works with

G SuiteChrome, Windows, Mac
Example of sketches in hypatia