Teach math digitally

Hypatia for teachers allows teachers to create math equations as easily as you can write a sentence using a word processor.  It is so intuitive that students can pick it up quickly after seeing it used in the classroom.  The speed with which math can be created and solved using Hypatia affords its use in real-time as a teaching tool and can replace the white board.  With advanced features like annotation, all of the functionality that math teachers leverage are available digitally using Hypatia.

Increase your efficiency

Without the right tools, teachers can find themselves spending an immense proportion of their time building materials and assessing student performance.  At Hypatia, we support teachers by simplifying the administration of teaching thereby leaving you more time to focus on teaching your students.

Classroom example with Google Slides
Grade math digitally

Where Hypatia really makes a difference is in supporting the grading process.  Auto-grading of student submissions reduces the time spent marking to a minimum.  Rather than searching through a complex question to determine why a student didn't get a correct answer, Hypatia identifies the item where the mistake was made helping teachers to use their time efficiently.  Hypatia tools remember your feedback and make those comments available when similar errors are repeated on an assignment.

Works with

Google Docs, Slides and Forms