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Future versions will include automatic conversion of math latex code typed in document, i.e., $x^2+y^2=z^2$ for even faster editing.

Hypatia is free for teachers to prepare their teaching materials. Students can use hypatia free for their work. If an institution/schoolboard would like to use hypatia, please contact us for licensing options.

Hypatia Create Pro includes these features:

Add color to your math

Add color to your math to make your notes beautiful, and explanations even clearer. Perfect for creating beautiful presentations.

Color Math

Use our sketching tool that allows you to add hand written annotations into your math. Enhance your online lectures with these annotations and make these part of your notes that you can share with your students.

Math history in Forms

Every math you create in Google forms can be accessed via math history drop down. This is essential in Forms and helps you to create quizzes even faster. Math in the history list is sorted and categorized so you can easily navigate and choose the right math.

Math History